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  Moving Forward
In essence, the Accelerators within the Strategic Plan are not only designed to move our school forward, but to move it “fast forward” in order to reach our goals more rapidly.
The school will be implementing the first phase of new initiatives during the 2018/2019 school year, but the commitment to more aggressively pursue the highest aspirations of the school is something that will continue as a central commitment of the FIS leadership team.
Each division will be collecting data to monitor the success of the new action plans and make modifications as needed. This data, along with the input provided by the IBO, NEASC and external resources, will be helpful as we develop the next steps on this path of change. Each year the school will provide an overview of upcoming changes so that all of us can share in the exciting transformation process as it unfolds.
It is important to recognize that every member of the FIS community has a role in strengthening the school. We welcome your perspective on how these changes are impacting the FIS learning environment, as well as your ideas regarding what new programs you would like to see developed in the coming school year. We consider the FIS experience to be a partnership between our school and our families, and we will continually seek your views and expertise to help us achieve our ambitious mission.

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