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• Accelerate STEM opportunities for students through new classes, future-focused programs and the integration of design-thinking models throughout the school.
• Build a dynamic culture of coaching and collaboration that speeds the pace of learning for students, faculty and staff through meaningful feedback and engagement with experienced mentors.
• Transform student assessment to incorporate broader approaches to learning and allow students to have a continuous and personalize understanding of their needs and achievements.
• Further develop FIS facilities to ensure they meet the highest standards of teaching, collaboration, play and safety on both campuses.
• Revolutionize instruction by creating individualized student learning programs that offer expanded choices, new leadership opportunities, and greater student agency in the development of plans for
their success.
• Multiply educational opportunities by developing outdoor learning spaces for students of all ages to support their study of science, environmental issues and other curricular areas.
• Design a more flexible instructional program that makes better of space, time and personnel in order to expand
the pathways for each individual to realize his/her potential
and goals.
• Strengthen programs that will help students to develop the values and character attributes to be caring and compassionate members of their current and future communities.
The Strategic Plan and its embedded accelerators have been organized around three key areas: Excellence, Opportunity and Balance. Excellence represents our efforts to take our existing programs to an even higher level of effectiveness. Opportunity denotes the creation of new programs and services that will enhance the FIS experience. Finally, Balance gathers those initiatives that intend to support the physical, social and emotional well-being of our community.
• Expand global awareness and international mindedness among all community members through specific programs aimed at heightening sensitivity to critical issues impacting
our community, Germany and the world.
• Strengthen social, emotional and physical wellness by providing new community engagement opportunities, while also ensuring that technology is used in a balanced and appropriate manner that does not
inhibit a healthy lifestyle.
• Institutionalize a program of FIS Academies that allow students to pursue their passions in the areas of art, athletics and languages with opportunities offered both before and
after school.
Three Keys to Success

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