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  What is an “Accelerator”?
In countless meetings over the past year, our FIS leadership pored over data and debated ideas to develop a bold plan of achieving excellence in every aspect of our work with students. Through these discussions, it became clear that we needed to add personnel and programs that would speed the pace at which FIS could realize its goals. These additions became known as “accelerators” because their intended impact is to propel FIS forward at an unprecedented pace rather than await incremental changes to be implemented over an extended period.
An “Accelerator” can be a person, such as a Learning Coach who helps support the needs of high performing math students who need to be challenged outside the normal curriculum expectations. It can also be a program, such as the newly created Performing Arts Academy that extends the opportunities for students to pursue artistic endeavors before or after school. It can be a new space, such as an outdoor learning classroom to give students hands-on science experiences, or a resource, such as the school’s 3D microscopes that are rarely found outside of universities.
The plan to implement Accelerators at FIS was a decision to provide our students with the resources that would have an immediate and meaningful impact on their learning. We expect this impact will be creating educational dividends for all members of our school community even during the first year of its implementation.

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